Comparing Sex Buyers With Men Who Don't Buy Sex

Melissa Farley, Emily Schuckman, Jacqueline M. Golding, Kristen Houser,Laura Jarrett, Peter Qualliotine, Michele Decker July 15, 2011 USA Download Attachment

"You can have a good time with the servitude" vs. "You're supporting a system of degradation"

This study compared 101 men who buy sex with 100 men who did not buy sex. The men who participated in this study were matched in terms of age, ethnicity, and education level. Most had a wife or girlfriend at the time of the study. Sex buyers had many more sex partners in their lifetime (prostituted as well as non-prostituted) than non-sex buyers.

Presented at Psychologists for Social Responsibility Annual Meeting, July 15, 2011, Boston, MA. Prostitution Research & Education copyrighted material 2011. For more information contact

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